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Peacock Flying with Pride - Display of elegance and beauty

It's a dream come true to capture the peacock flight. I have collection of Peacock photos but nothing like this one before...
I must admit the I'm very fascinated by the beauty, elegance, royalty and the color of this magnificent bird.
I always want to capture this magnificent and our national bird in a very dramatic way.

Until that day it was dream and now it became reality!!
I must admit that I was very lucky to get a picture of peacock in the way I imagined. And this happened on the last day of our journey in Masinagudi Tiger Reserve.
Mother nature given me every ingredients for the perfect recipe. The morning golden sunlight with bit of fog and
this beautiful bird standing on the edge of the branch looking up to the sky and overlooking the forest, This was a perfect setting one would have asked for..
I was overwhelmed looking at it with joy and believed that it was my day to pull-off something majestic. I waited long enough (for at least 20 minutes) to freeze this extraordinary moment and it all happened so fast..
In the end peacock flew with pride and glory. The tail shimmered in the golden light displaying its beauty and elegance at its best !!

This picture perfect portrait has given me pleasure in life and new hope to my Wild life photography journey.